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2010 Super Senior Results

Qualifying Scores
Championship Bracket
1 Chuck Renner      
    Chuck Renner 2 up    
8 John Lieser      
      Chuck Renner 5-4  
4 Ted Hatlen      
    Ted Hatlen 5-4    
5 William Erickson      
        Paul Krueger 2-1
2 James "Lank: Larson     Super Senior Champion
    James "Lank" Larson    
7 Owen Germundson      
      Paul Krueger 1 up  
3 Paul Krueger      
    Paul Krueger 8-6    
6 Ron Smedshammer      

Consolation Bracket

John Lieser    
  John Lieser 2up  
William Erickson    
    Ron Smedshammer 1 up
    Super Senior 
Owen Germundson   Consolation Champion
  Ron Smedshammer 5-4  
Ron Smedshammer    
Super Senior Pearl Championship
1 Tom Hanson      
    Tom Hanson 2-1    
8 Ron Kershner      
      Tom Hanson 1 up  
4 Tom Pederson      
    James Wolff    
5 James Wolff      
        Tom Hanson 1 up
2 Ron Smet     Super Senior Pearl Champion
    Dr. Rick Bender 2-1    
7 Dr. Rick Bender      
      Dr. Rick Bender 3-2  
3 Robert Dahm      
    Pete Lysaker    
6 Pete Lysaker      
Super Senior Pearl Consolation
Ron Kershner    
  Robert Dahm 3-2  
Robert Dahm    
    Robert Dahm 2 -1
    Super Senior Pearl
Ron Smet   Consolation Champion
  Tom Pederson 4-3  
Tom Pederson    
Super Senior Cormorant Championship
1 Jim Bakken      
    Jim Bakken 10-8    
8 Terry Jorgenson      
      Tom Hanson 1 up  
4 Larry Doeden      
    Larry Doeden 1 up    
5 Dr. Lynn Marr      
        Tom Hanson 1 up
2 Larry Voorhees     Super Senior
    Larry Voorhees (W/D)  

Cormorant Champion

7 Jim Albertson      
      Guy Hatlie 10-8  
3 Guy Hatlie      
    Guy Hatlie 10-8    
6 Jerry Hall      
Super Senior Cormorant Consolation
Terry Jorgenson    
  Dr. Lynn Marr 10-8  
Dr. Lynn Marr    
    Dr. Lynn Marr 3-2
    Super Senior Cormorant
Jim Albertson   Consolation Champion
  Jim Albertson 7-6  
Jerry Hall